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New Internet Stock Trading Tool That Tells You WHAT To Buy, WHEN To Buy And When To SELL…Trade With Confidence And Make More Money (the easy way)


Over the last 7 years that I’ve been trading shares online I’ve seen a lot of software come and go. Having software to help you pick profitable stocks is vital, but where most of them failed miserably was the ability to “interpret” multiple sets of data.

This is where the new trend in so-called “artificial intelligence” software comes in. It is set to revolutionize the way we trade stocks online.

Having wasted thousands of dollars on mediocre trading software I am naturally skeptical about anything that claims to be “new”.

The reality is that most trading software is just filled with hundreds of complicated charts and indicators. This is all very interesting, but for an “uneducated” trader such as myself it does not really mean much. The question I always ask is “will this make me money?” Learning new trading program can take months and in the end it still does not guarantee that you will make more money.


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At first I though that Stock Assault was just another analysis tool, but it was not at all what I expected. It’s basically an internet stock trading “tool” that helps you with the 3 most difficult aspects of making money with trading:

1. Stock Picks
It analyzes thousands of stocks every day and uses multiple filters and indicators to pick stocks that have the best chance of making you money.

2. When To Buy
Based on the analysis it find the best entry price and tells you what price you need to buy at to maximise your profit on each trade

3. When To Sell
This is where Stock Assault is priceless. It monitors each of the stock picks and will tell you when to sell. This is one of the hardest aspects of trading and with this tool you will automatically know when to sell (without pondering over it in endless sleepless knights).

If you’ve been trading stocks online you will be able to appreciate just how valuable this trading tool can be. It takes away most of the risk.

This is not a miracle new software that will make you a millionaire over night. Not by a long shot. It’s stock picks are quite “conservative” and relatively safe. Most of the stock picks will make you 10 to 50% profit per trade and on average you will hold on to a stock for anything from 2 to 10 days.

You won’t make huge amounts of money (unless you trade big amounts) but making 20% on your money every 10 days is pretty darn good. It’s all about being smart when you trade and taking consistent small profits. More than anything it helps you to trade with certainty and knowing that WHAT you trade is based on extensive analysis.

Don’t be fooled by the huge returns they promise on their website – like most trading software they do promise returns of 1,000% or more. Obviously it is too good to be true and in my personal experience the returns you can expect is more humble (although I did have two big gains with it).

It’s impossible to win every trade. The top traders in the world only win about 60% of their trades. The real secret to making a lot of money with internet stock trading is to limit your losses and to maximise your wins. And that is exactly what Stock Assault helps y to do.

Do I recommend Stock Assault? Yes. It’s an invaluable trading tool and even if you just use it to find good stock picks it will dramatically improve your trading success.

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Making Money with Internet Stock Trading

Internet stock trading is one of the most popular ways to make some money online. These days, there are several trading websites that offer a wide range of services with competitive rates. In just one click of a mouse button, you can finish off a transaction and reap the harvest afterwards. And it is because of this that a lot of people have turned their attention to this form of trading through the years.

There are a couple of risks involved in trading stock online. And one of them is the inevitable volatility of the market. Market prices tend to go up and down as the economy suffers or prospers. It is difficult to keep track sometimes. However, most people who wait for the right time and are wise in their investments tend to gain more than what they’ve lost because of good judgments. So this means, that even with these risks involved that are actually unavoidable, you can still make a lot of money trading stocks over the internet.

So if you are new at internet stock trading, here are some tips and tricks you could follow to achieve success and the rewards that come along with this activity:

1.You must keep yourself well-informed about online trading. Don’t just be contented with the current knowledge that you have. The most successful investors learn more and learn deep. This means they read a lot of financial journals, ask for advice and continuously look for online facts about market trends and investments. They keep themselves updated with the interest rates and costs of stocks and they know when to pull out their investments and when and where to put their investments.

2.Buy and sell stocks on time to make the most out of your investments. This way, you can have a significant amount of profits from your trading. So keep yourself updated with market trends. You have to know how to read these technical charts and quotes if you do want to get the most of the money you have put in. If you understand how the games are being played, then you would never miss an opportunity. Timing is very important because market changes are quite inevitable and can sometimes be unpredictable. That is why you need to work round the clock to avoid many losses.

3.Hire an industry expert for a broker. You need someone you can trust with your money. Although you can pretty much do it yourself with online trading, you will need a lot of help from someone who has done this for a living. Try to search for online reviews of the most knowledgeable and most trusted stock brokers that could help you as you are starting out. You would want someone with a lot of experience in trading stock in the internet and someone who may be a highly recommended by other people.

Not everyone is cut out for this kind of a career. If you want to be successful at internet stock trading you need to be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your income goal.

Internet Stock Trading Explained…

We all know that in this world we live in, we will always be confronted with change. Some pose options that can inevitably make life more convenient for us, while others will not be able to change anything at all. And a great example of a change that has greatly affected as all is the Internet.

With the development of Internet technology, we are now able to communicate with others and deal with business faster. The Internet has taken its grasp on different industries by making many processes convenient, and stock trading is no exception to this. Internet stock trading has been around for a longer period of time than most people are aware of. This is because, many traders still prefer to trade stocks the traditional way based on the saying that: “if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it”.

Internet stock trading is mainly directed towards the new generation who want a faster and more convenient way to play the market. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to get into the game instantly as it eliminates the hassle of taking the time out to really learn the ways of the market before investing because of the newly developed trading websites and software that can enable trading to happen in just a few easy steps. But, just like in every new technology that is just on the verge of being perfected, newbies should take certain precautions before venturing out into internet stock trading.

If you’re someone who is interested to take part of this new venture, you need to scrutinize the different websites and software’s before choosing one. We cannot avoid the reality that with the power of the Internet comes the possibility of being scammed by seemingly legitimate operations. Always do your research beforehand so that you’ll know who the real players are. Read feedbacks and comments about websites and software’s to make sure that you won’t be fooled to part with your money by just anyone.

Another thing you need to look out for is the stability of your chosen website or software. Be wary of Internet tools that haven’t been fully tried and tested by other users as they can easily crash and all you’ll be left with is the feeling of helplessness. Always opt to stay with the trusted trading website and software developers which have a clean record of never crashing their system or just disappearing from the face of the earth. Again, it will greatly benefit you if you take the time out to do your research first before you start playing the market.

Internet stock trading may just prove to be the future of stock trading because of the ease connected with it and its ability to produce real time results. Selling and buying of stocks will be more secure as long as the developers of trading websites and software’s do their part in enhancing the trade. And although many people still need to become converted to this new method of trading, it’s a trading option that will surely be a staple to the investors of the future generations.

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